A day to do with children

The Dino zoo, the Gouffre of Poudrey and the Maisons Comtoises :

Start your day 40 minutes away from camping Woka Marnay by car, by visiting the Dino-Zoo and feeling very small next to Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurus, but also mammoths and prehistoric men in life size! It is a prehistoric park that will make you discover the evolution of life on earth.

For more information: Dino-zoo

5 km from the Dino-Zoo Park, you can finish your morning by diving to the centre of the earth with the 1 hour guided tour of the Gouffre of Poudrey in Etalans! You will be led to explore a giant cave, 70m below the ground to discover countless stalactites and stalagmites.

For more information: Gouffre de Poudrey

For your afternoon, of the Maisons Comtoises in Nancray invites you to discover a unique experience. Enter real Comtoises houses moved especially for you in Nancray! 20 minutes from the Dino-Zoo Park by car, the Maisons Comtoises museum is made up of houses from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, from all over Franche-Comté.

For more information: Maisons Comtoises 

Les Campaines” Leisure Park:  

Do you want to go on a day trip with your children? The Leisure Park “Les Campaines” is a unique park in Franche-Comté where you can share laughter with your family among forty or so games and activities in a green setting.  

For more information, visit Les Campaines



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